Mission: Franklin County Career and Technology Center promotes lifelong learning and prepare students for careers and post-secondary education.
Committees of teachers, administrators and advisory members met over a six month period during the 2004-05 school year to formulate a number of goals for which the school will strive to meet. These goals were presented to the Joint Operating Committee and form a template for the many initiatives and activities that occur at the school today.

The goals that were established are as follows:


Curriculum and Delivery

  1. Institute a process to create a standardized, competency-based curriculum for all Programs through computer-based resources allowing access to learning guides, task grids and competency lists.
  2. Develop methods to support PSSA proficiency for students who attend FCCTC in Math, Reading and Science through integrated activities which creates relevancy in learning for career and technical educational studies.


Programming and Facilities

  1. Establish program offerings at the FCCTC that meet the requirements of the identified high priority occupations existing in south-centralPennsylvania.  Establish a cluster-based approach to program alignment that support the high priority occupations.
  2. Position the facility for future growth through consideration of alternative delivery methods and analysis of space requirements necessary to adequately offer needed services.


Student Management and Staff Support

  1. Develop a system to analyze student discipline and attendance trends for the purpose of improving student management. Incorporate professional development activities related to classroom management and improved instructional effectiveness for staff.
  2. Implement systems to monitor and improve student and staff pride toward the FCCTC and career and technical education objectives.


Student Services

  1. Establish methods to improve opportunities for students with special needs through greater home school cooperation and the implementation of admission standards.
  2. Continue enhancing the attractiveness of programming through the development of partnerships that offer post-secondary credits and industrial certification for FCCTC students.