36 Hrs Basic Machining (CNC) – This introductory course will teach students how to read and comprehend blueprints, understanding basic shop math, the use of proper measuring tools, introduction to manual and CNC machines.

72 Hrs Industrial Maintenance – An introductory course which prepares the individual to work in an automated manufacturing environment in the area of electronics and electro-mechanical operations. Topics include; schematics and blueprint reading, component ID, troubleshooting, metering and testing and basic PLC processes.

150 Hrs Short-Term Welding – This course prepares students to enter general industry with a variety of related skills in welding. Students will be introduced to on-the-job safety, basic blueprint reading, metal cutting, shaping and preparation, weld quality. Upon completion of this class, students will be able to test for AWS GMAW “MIG” Welding Certification.

300 Hrs Long-Term Welding – The 300 hour course will provide students advanced opportunities to enter into the manufacturing career field with multiple certifications. Students who participate in this course will have the opportunity to test for AWS SMAW “Stick”, GMAW “MIG”, and GTAW “TIG” Welding Certification. Blue print reading and welding symbols will be introduced.

400 Hrs Advanced Manufacturing – This is a day and evening program which offers advanced instruction in the precision machining and welding career fields. Students will receive all instruction included in the 300 Long-Term Welding class and addition instruction in Manual Machining, Computer Integrated Manufacturing and CNC Instruction leading to additional NIMS certifications.