8 Hrs PA State Emissions – The PA Emissions Inspector Certification course includes general theory on emissions, on board diagnostics, a computer-based and hands-on examination. Successful completion of the course and test qualifies the individual to inspect and pass/fail a vehicle for emissions certification.

12 Hrs  PA State Auto InspectionThis course will certify mechanics to perform required Pennsylvania State Inspections on cars, motorcycles, and/or heavy-duty trucks.  Class costs includes State Inspection Manual, Baseline Theory, Tool Demonstration, Baseline test, 1 Category test and 1 Tactile test.

12 Hrs  Forklift Licensing – Obtain basic classroom knowledge and practical experience operating various material handling equipment leading to a forklift operator’s license.

24 Hrs Small Engine RepairThis course covers instruction for performing basic service repairs and tune-ups of small gasoline, two and four stroke engines found in lawn equipment, snow blowers, and garden equipment.  Instruction includes the principles of two-cycle and four-cycle engine operation, fuel and exhaust systems, lubrication and cooling systems.

 72 Hrs Logistics Certification (C.L.A.) This is a foundation course in the receiving, storing, shipping, controlling, and distribution of products.  Hand trucks, carts, and forklifts will be used to transport materials and supplies.  Students will receive Manufacturing Skills Standards Council’s Certified Logistics Associates (MSSC-CLA) training leading to Forklift Certification.

72 Hrs Warehouse Operations Certification (C.L.T.)This class will expand upon the C.L.A. certificate students bringing the skills and knowledge to mid-level technician standing. Students will have the opportunity to obtain an MSSC CLT (Certified Logistics Technician) certification for warehouse logistics material handling 72 Hr. Add-on (Prerequisite – C.L.A.).