Our Ag Mechanics and Diesel students who completed the Volvo Assembly Program received their Certificates at the new Volvo Customer Center in Shippensburg.  Way to go CareerTech students!

Bessie” set to return in 2019…

In the late 1990s and just after the turn of the century one of the most popular trucks with the Big Rigs Pulling Series was a long nosed ’71 Kenworth with a V-12 Detroit named “Bessie”.  “Bessie” eventually was purchased by Antrim Diesel in Greencastle, with the ultimate plan to install a CAT motor in the machine.  The truck went to Kentucky for this purpose but it was never accomplished.  Two years ago “Bessie” came back to Antrim Diesel but this was at the time when Antrim was campaigning their “Maximum Force” Mack V-8 on the national circuit which took up their time and resources.

“Bessie” is now at CareerTech.  The renovation is being done by the Diesel Mechanics shop under the direction of instructor Kevin (AJ) Grove who is also the driver of Antrim’s “Antrim Tantrum” Mod Turbo International tractor.  Recently a Mack V-8 with a single charger had been installed in “Bessie”.  “Bessie” will come out as a PA POSSE style truck with a single charger and the traditional fifth wheel pulling hitch.  The hope is to bring “Bessie” to the track in the early part of the 2019 season.